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House of Ajita

Siri Stitched/Drape Saree with Jacket

Siri Stitched/Drape Saree with Jacket

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Step into the realm of opulence with the Siri Draped Saree, a masterpiece that embodies elegance and convenience. Embrace the allure of the black blingy saree that not only captivates with its brilliance but also simplifies the art of draping and carrying, making every step a statement of grace and glamour.

Product Features:

  1. Exquisite Handwork: Adorned with cut dana, moti, and feather handwork, the saree and its accompanying jacket boast meticulous craftsmanship throughout.
  2. Chinon Elegance: Crafted from luxurious Chinon fabric, this ready-to-wear pre-stitched saree with a jacket offers sophistication and convenience.
  3. Effortless Glamour: The black blingy saree, paired with a jacket showcasing intricate handwork, provides both glamour and ease of wear, simplifying draping and carrying.

Description:  The stunning black saree, embellished with mesmerizing cut dana, moti, and feather handwork, shimmers with sophistication. Crafted from luxurious Chinon fabric, this pre-stitched saree, paired with a meticulously handcrafted jacket, ensures both effortless glamour and ease of wear. The richly detailed blouse and jacket elevate the ensemble, showcasing intricate artistry that extends from edge to edge.

Shipping/Customisation/Alteration Policy:
We have 1 unit available in-store which can be altered to the below mentioned sizes. After placing your order, we'll contact you for your exact measurements. Based on these measurements, we'll alter the product according to the available size options, including alterations to sleeves and back, if feasible.
For any specific requirements, reach out to us before ordering. We're here to cater to your needs and can even create a fresh, customised piece if necessary. Your satisfaction is our priority.
We aim to complete these alterations within 7 days and then ship your customised order.

You're welcome to discuss any size, color, or blouse customizations with us. We're here to create a fresh, custom piece just for you, ensuring your satisfaction and a perfect outfit for your special occasions.

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